Latest Travel Trends In Sri Lanka 2022, The Complete Guide

Sri Lanka has always been a significant land in the world. As a crucial point on the Silk Road, it was identified as Ceylon. When it comes to the recent events, the island has been identified as the champs in Cricket. Along with the sparkling travel and tourism development in the country, it will be identified as a center for having joys and fun. To make that happen, there have to be some identified for sure. Some travel identities have already been created by the government as well as the travelers who have found their own ways. This article will explain Latest travel trends in Sri Lanka 2022 that you can experience in a tour. 

Highways Have Made Things Easy

As one of the Latest travel trends in Sri Lanka 2022, the opening of the Central highways, Kurunegala part was a crucial milestone. Although it took hours and sometime days while travelling between the ends of the country, at present things have become extremely easy.

If you get in to your private vehicle form Katunayake Airport, you will be able to reach to Down South within couple of hours. If you are specific of your intention such as watching wildlife, you will be able to stop by Suriyweva within the same duration, two hours. If you get on to a vehicle from Mattala airport, you will be able to reach Kandy within 04 hours. Although the usual route falls right on Ella you will be able to get to Colombo through the latest routes.

Can I use the bus to go on highway in Sri Lanka?

Of course you can. You can find buses that run on highway anywhere near to the highway such as Kottawa, Kalutara, Galle, Matara, Tangalle, Hambanthota. Also, there are buses from Kandy, Embilipitiya, and Moneragala that use the highway at least in a small part of the route.

Is the central highway finished building?

No. It has not been opened yet. But, some parts of the highway is finished. It will take more couple of years to see the finishing.

A-Train Ride Is Always A New Experience

One of the Latest travel trends in Sri Lanka 2022 involves trains due to the express progress it has obtained in the recent time. Although Sri Lankan Railway department is known as one of the oldest departments with assets world, things have been developed for the favor of travel and tourism. The latest improvements of the railway department is their modern express trains along with luxurious facilities. You will be able to pass the cities in an instant along with a relaxed surrounding.

Among the tours you can have, Kandy to Badulla via Ella, Kandy to Nuwara Eliya through central hills, Colombo to Belaitta on the beachside route, and Beliatta to Jaffna tour that connects both ends of the country, are significant. Also, if you are interested in having a traditional train tour in Sri Lanka, that will be a possibility.

What is the awesome train tour you can enjoy in Sri Lanka?

The Kandy to Badulla train tour is the most beautiful train tour in the Island. You will be able to enjoy the Ella and more scenic locations in this train tour. Since there are tours that continue in the morning, that will be more fun for sure.

What is the fastest train in Sri Lanka?

Among the trains in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lanka Railways Class S11 is the fastest train in Sri Lanka. It can reach up to 100kmh as well. Since there are trains in the luxury package, you will be able to enjoy a fast as well as a comfortable train ride.

Hiking Will be Always Precious

Sri Lanka is a country that has a variety in elevation. Although the central hills hare popular for various mountain or range of hills, there are enough mountains all around the country. It makes the Island one of the best places on Earth for hiking. Although you are a regular hiker in this amazing Island, the latest hiking spots have made some Latest travel trends in Sri Lanka 2022 thanks to latterly discovered spots.

Among the older hiking spots like Sigiriya, Knuckles, and Singharaja there are new spots such as Pidurangala, Kanneliya, Ella Rock, and Deniyaya.  One of the limitations brought by the tropical climate is the rain. Before referring to one of the most embracing Latest travel trends in Sri Lanka 2022, you must watch for that. 

What is the hardest hike in Sri Lanka?

The Adam’s peak trails is considered as the hardest hike in Sri Lanka. It has been the hardest hike due to more than 5000 stone stairs a hiker has to complete while hiking.

Is Ella Hike good for hiking throughout the year?

No. You have to avoid the rainy season in Sri Lanka as the rock can turn into bit slippery. 

Surfing Has Always Been At The Top

As one of the Latest travel trends in Sri Lanka 2022, you will see surfing in the list for sure. No matter you are a surfer or not, the surfing has to be in your list. Sri Lanka has produced several surfing points all around the country. If you start your journey from Colombo, you will be able to reach the very first surfing point in Hikkaduwa, where you can see an embracing white pearl beach along with a coral reef.

When it comes to a bit of Down South, you will find Weligama, where thousands of surfers enjoy their lives at best. More importantly, although you are a beginner or a veteran surfer, you will find enough surfing spots to get into business in both locations. If you are a pro and a contestant in the surfing, you will find your pleasure in Ampara for sure. Arugambay, located right near Ampara is considered as the second best surfing spot for the whole world. Annual surfing contests, special events, and plenty of surfing spots have made it the best surfing spot in Sri Lanka as well.

When is the best time to surf in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka has two rainy seasons. The areas that receive rainfall in each season should skip in surfing. It means, during the period between November to April, the pleasant area of the country for surfing is the south-west coastline. Also, Hikkaduwa is the main surf area at any time of year.

Wild Life Has Come In To The Next Level

Sri Lanka is one of the richest countries in the world with the biodiversity. Along with a decent forestation, this amazing country has enough wildlife al around the country. Leopard, elephant, sloth bear, blue whale, and sperm whale are among the most popular animals in the country. There are forest I Sri Lanka that have been saved as UNESCO conservation sites. When it comes to Wilpattu, Yala, Bundala, and Kumana they act as national parks where the tourists have to visit with great care.

Although the elephant is a first choice for a tourist in national parks, they can be observed near the main towns as well. For example, if you move to a wildlife-approached town like Suriyaweva, you will see elephants near the main roads. When it comes to leopards, you will find them between the Buttala and Kataragama main road. When coming to other animals, they are obviously village choices to be seen. If you are interested in amphibians or crocodiles in various sizes, the Nilwala River will be a choice for you.

As one of the Latest travel trends in Sri Lanka 2022, you can arrange a trip to Nilwala River only to see the giant crocodiles in the island.  Although wildlife looks vanished due to the civilization, Sri Lanka is always loving their wildlife and protecting it. That is why Wildlife is among the Latest travel trends in Sri Lanka 2022.

Why is Sri Lanka important for wildlife?

According to wildlife stats, Sri Lanka has the highest number of Amphibians in the world as a number. When coming to the stats, it has been found more than 250 tree frog species in the Island. Other than that, Crocodiles are available even in the crowded areas.

A Visit To Port City, Will Be A Great Way To Have Fun

Sri Lanka is involved in various foreign investments that have been made by various nations. India, United States of America, Japan, and, as one of the most powerful countries in the world China is also there. One of the most embracing products raised by Chinese Government is their port city. A land of 2.69 km² ha been created artificially and the entire soil is artificial on the territory. An awesome beach, cruising, boat rides, games, and lots of things have been planned already. Although the city is not open to people yet, they can have a look at how it will look like. As a tourist or a traveler, you will have plenty of things to see in this territory for sure.

Does China Government Own The Port City Colombo?

No. it I swooned by the China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC), one of the Chinese companies shat has invested in Sri Lankan territory. However, it is not Governed by Sri Lankan government as it is owned by a party that doesn’t mind the Sri Lankan law. But, you are always welcome as a tourist as it is the only reason to build an awesome place.

Can I visit the Port City in Sri Lanka?

As you might have heard, the construction is not done yet. But, you can visit some places in the city now. If you are interested in paying a visit, you will be able to go through the special entrance located opposite the Presidential Secretariat. However, vehicles are not allowed yet.

Of course it is. Thousands of people are visiting this place at present daily. Although the construction are not done yet, you will be able to have an elegant time with your family in there.


This article has explained 06 Latest travel trends in Sri Lanka 2022 that you can enjoy in a tour and enhance your typical travel experience. If you stick to this website, you will find more travel tips along with spectacular guides on Sri Lankan Travel.

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